ME Bridge

The ME Bridge is peripheral which is added when Applied Energistics 2 is installed. This allows you to interact with an ME network (given you have the security access required for the network).

Note: Because of changes in the AE2 API, this peripheral requires at least AE2 rv2 beta 8.


Event Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Parameter 3 Description
gridNotification "gridNotification" string notification This event is fired when changes have been made on the connection to the ME Bridge
gridChanged "gridChanged" This event is fired when the grid is changed
securityBreak "securityBreak"
craftingComplete "craftingComplete" string itemCrafted number amount number bytesRequiredToCraft


Function Returns Description
listAll() table items Lists all referenced items in the network
listItems() table items Lists all stored items in the network
listCraft() table items Lists all craftable items in the network
retrieve(string itemId, number amount, string or number directionToDeposit) number extracted Retrieves the given items and attempts to place it in an inventory in the direction given (either the number or a string like "north" or "up", returns the amount extracted. Note: The item id can include metadata value by using the form "[id] [meta]"
craft(string itemId, number amount) nil Attempts to craft the given items Note: The item id can include metadata value by using the form "[id] [meta]"