About Peripherals++

Peripherals++ is an addon for ComputerCraft by austinv11. It is was created to fill the vacuum left behind by RichardG when he abandoned his mod, MiscPeripherals. This mod aims to be a pseudo-port of MiscPeripherals, as well as adding original mechanics too!

Downloads and Installation Instructions

In order to install this mod, you must have MinecraftForge installed on an instance of Minecraft in addition to ComputerCraft. You could then download the latest release on the forum post or the bleeding edge (sometimes unstable) version on drone.io and then install the mod on your Minecraft instance.


This mod is under the GNU GPLv2 license, seen here

Regarding Modpacks: Go ahead! Put this mod in ALL the modpacks! You just need to do two things:

  1. Credit me, austinv11, as the creator of the mod. You CANNOT take credit where credit is not due.

  2. Ensure that ALL mods in your modpack are redistributed with permission from their respective authors.