Dynamic Mount

Peripherals++ will automagically mount various sample and full-featured programs which either demonstrate the features of certain peripherals or just do something neat ;). The programs mounted are dependent upon the peripheral(s) attached to a given computer under the "ppp" directory. These programs are automatically updated when Minecraft is launched, so you never need to update the mod to get up-to-date programs. It is stored in the "ppp_mount" directory in your mods folder.

Submitting Programs

This is open-sourced for a reason, community participation is much appreciated! If you want to show off a cool program which utilizes features added by my mod just follow the requirements below and you might be able to see your program included with the mod! Just note that I may modify your program if the need arises.

The Program The program can only use features included with vanilla Computercraft and with Peripherals++ The program should have some comments (not a requirement but it would be awesome) * The program should not utilize the http api or any other features which are not enabled by default

Submissions There are two ways to submit; posting on the forum post or submitting an issue with your program (with a [Program] tag in the title) While I know mistakes can happen please debug your programs

Maintenance If for some reason you want your program updated, please either PM me on the Computercraft forums or submit an issue (with a [Program Update] tag in the title) If you are updating your program, I'd prefer it if you use the version on this repo (located somewhere here) as I may have made some modifications to it for whatever reason