Analyzers are peripherals which are available if Forestry is installed. The variants can be used to analyze bees, saplings, and butterflies (if they were pre-analyzed).


Function Returns Description
analyze() table speciesInfo Retrieves information about the species inside the analyzer
isMember() boolean isMember Returns whether the item placed in the analyzer is an appropriate species to analyze

Species Info Table Keys

Bee Analyzers: Butterfly Analyzers: Tree Analyzers:
type speciesPrimary speciesPrimary
speciesPrimary speciesSecondary speciesSecondary
speciesSecondary speed height
speed lifespan fertility
lifespan metabolism yield
fertility fertility sappiness
nocturnal nocturnal matures
tolerantFlyer tolerantFlyer fruit
caveDwelling fireResistant growth
flower flower girth
territory effect plant
effect temperature effect
temperature toleranceTemperature
toleranceTemperature humidity
humidity toleranceHumidity